African traditional attire with a little urban touch

During the past decades, a lot of African American citizens have begun gaining interest in the African attires with a little urban twist. from movie stars, NBA players, NFL players, celebrities, and the normal African American citizen,  all occasionally rocking African motivated traditional attire. this is very encouraging since many people are showing interest in the rich African culture. Russel Westbrook of the Houston Rockets dabbed the fashion killer of the NBA, is often seen wearing African attires with a little urban twist.

Take this picture as an example, look at the African inspired pattern that Russell Westbrook is wearing. this is the little urban twist on an African motivated design. Nba players from Lebron James and James Harden are also occasionally seen wearing African inspired attires with a little urban twist.

why add a little urban twist on your African attire?

in recent years, many fashion houses across the globe have special manufacturing attires based on African inspired designs. After foreigners visit the wildlife-rich Africa, many of them fall in love with the culture. if you randomly ask a courier shop own of how he goes about his business. the courier shop own will definitely tell you that majority of the sale or even 95% are from foreigners/tourists. and to added icing on the cake, the majority of them do not have African Descendent. This shows that the world is really embracing the African culture. nowadays you see t-shirts branded with African inspired art.we know the famous lion filled with rasta colors. well, guess what, this is an African Inspired art which includes the uplifting of the African savannah lion. rasta colors can be seen on a lot of African flags.

nigeria african urban touch inspired jersey

During the 2018 world cup, Nigeria’s National team jersey was the best selling jersey and most unique of them all. The jersey was is an example of giving the old traditional looks a little finesse urban touch, this was actually an improvement of the 1994 world cup jersey. here in Afromerchshop we have products ranging from highest quality African Jewelry, Clothing, Home Decor, Canvas, and accessories that could help motivate you into getting the best design as the jersey. especially if you are a design, you could add some flair into your designs by purchasing some clothing.I don't see the reason why cannot rock some African urban twist attire, after all, Nigeria's Jersey was the best selling jersey during the WorldCup.

I have often tried picturing myself wearing that jersey and a white African mud-cloth duffel bag. in Afromerchshop, we have a variety of products that are African Inspired that could help match your clothes. you don't have to only see fashion on the runway. Experience it at Afromerchshop.


Diversity, uniqueness is what we offer at Afromerchshop.expect more mindblowing articles that will help you understand African inspired products. we have a beautiful piece of artifacts that could help lighten your living room. take a sneak pick at that link and see beautiful versatile pieces that will help beautify your house.

Readers should expect more articles that will help understand the African fashion, taste, and culture. this might help you come up with beautiful products that will blow the minds of many.Afromerch will happily guide you in this plus expose you to a wide range of African with urban twist products. 

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